DC-DC Converters are mainly used to convert from one DC voltage level to another, using switchmode technology enables very high efficient voltage conversion with low losses and cool operation. Electrical isolation between input and output is obtained using high frequency ferrite transformers used in the converter. This isolation is excellent for the safe and trouble free operation of sensitive electronic equipment which otherwise without a converter could be exposed to electrically noisy environments. The output voltage of the DC-DC converter is regulated and therefore remains constant even with input voltage fluctuations and surges.


  • PLC power supplies
  • Control panels
  • Micro controller power supplies
  • Sensitive electronic equipment
  • Electronic equipment connected to battery / battery charger standby system


  • Sturdy powder coated enclosure with bracket for mounting
  • Suitable for switchboards / critical equipment
  • Replaceable fuse for extra protection
  • Competitively priced unit
  • Excellent line/load regulation
  • High input/output noise immunity
  • Complete input/output isolation to 3000V
  • Switchmode technology

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